Opinion: Should High Schoolers Go Trick-or-Treating?


Ruby Caver

High schoolers are often just as fond of trick-or-treating as young kids are, but the jury’s still out when it comes to their participation.

Ruby Caver

October is that time of year when people dress up and really into the Halloween spirit. Trick or treating has played a big part in most people’s childhoods for years now. The joy of dressing up and getting free candy is enough to get any child excited, but there is always a point in someone’s life where they admit that they’re too old for something. Some teenagers no longer participate and some still do, no matter the age anyone can participate in the Halloween tradition.


As kids grow up, they usually want to impress their friends and classmates. Going trick or treating at an older age could be seen as not cool or only for little kids, but that’s not true. Everyone enjoys getting free candy no matter what their age is. Trick or treating gives people the opportunity to relive their favorite childhood memories. There is no need to rush growing up into adulthood just yet. Senior Aiden Ford says, “I haven’t gone in two years but I wouldn’t mind going. High schoolers should still go trick or treating because you don’t wanna grow up too fast, you wanna stay a kid as long as possible.” Highschoolers are not too old to continue trick or treating; there is no need to feel embarrassed or ashamed in participating because we all enjoy Halloween in different ways.


Trick or treating is better to do with friends rather than just by yourself. Staying out late with people you’re close with can be very exciting. Junior Erica Rameriez states, “People can go trick or treating if they want to or not, but something about staying up late at night and getting free candy is really entertaining.” Teens can grow stronger bonds with their friends by trick or treating with them. Participating during the holiday can also build social skills. Talking to new people is a good learning experience for everyone.


The most exciting part about Halloween is dressing up. The possibilities are endless when it comes to costume ideas. It could be a certain theme or even just a lame pun; couple and group costumes are also a great option. Costumes can be bought from a store or people can be creative and make their own. Junior Macy McMillian says, “Everyone should go trick or treating because it’s very fun to dress up and get free candy.” Wearing a costume for Halloween can allow people to feel nostalgic by remembering the times they used to dress up as kids. Halloween costumes allow others to be different and express themselves in a way that they usually can’t.


Trick or treating has been a famous tradition for decades now. It started becoming more common around the 1930’s. It was during the 1950’s when neighborhoods started giving candy to children when they trick or treated. The common phrase “Trick or Treat” originated in Canada and then started to be said in the United States. Most adults were confused by the phrase at first because children were demanding candy, but now it is taught to them when they ask for candy. Halloween is now a widespread holiday that is popular with many people that truly believe in the Halloween spirit.


High schoolers should continue to trick or treat because they are not too old to participate in the tradition. Some teens still go out for candy and some don’t, that is completely okay. Trick or treating is meant for everyone to dress up for one special night. Halloween is about having fun and everyone deserves to have a good time during the holiday, it doesn’t matter how old they are. No matter what someone’s plans may be, please make sure to have fun and stay safe during the night.