Should People Buy Christmas Gifts Early?


Ruby Caver

This year’s shopping season is proving to be stressful for many already.

Ruby Caver

November is the time of month where families spend quality time together, but it is also the time when people get prepared for Christmas. December often puts lots of pressure on people because they have to think on what to buy their loved ones. Purchasing presents early has multiple benefits. Early Christmas shopping can make sure friends and family put gifts under the tree in time. 


Buying gifts early gives you a better chance at actually buying what you want/need. Going late Christmas shopping can increase stress, but this can also go for online shopping too. Ordering presents early can guarantee that they will arrive on time. Senior Lesli Luz-Reyes says, “I order my gifts early so when they arrive, hopefully early, I can double check if they are good quality and look good in real life for the person I’m gonna give it to.” Getting gifts earlier gives individuals the opportunity to take their time and decide carefully what to choose. 


Shoppers have an advantage if they buy before the holidays. When it comes closer to Christmas, stores begin to run out of stock when it comes to everything. Senior Trinity Eddington states, “I do buy my Christmas gifts early because it ultimately ends up becoming competition when it comes closer to time.” Buying closer to the deadline can increase competition between buyers because of the minimum amount of products in stores.

Early Christmas shopping can insure people that they have enough money for what they need. It can be very expensive to buy multiple people presents, with extra time they can see how much they need for each product. Senior Lauren Thompson responds with, “I will be buying gifts early this year at least, I only get paid monthly and my checks come in every 15th of the month so I have to make sure I can buy them before I run out of money. Gotta buy those first and budget them to work with what I have left, also the odds are they won’t be sold out if I buy them early.” Having enough money is a constant thing people think about when buying or ordering gifts, doing it earlier can help buyers spend their money wisely. 


Black Friday is a day full of shopping for the holiday season. It will happen on November 26th, 2021. This is when products in stores go on sale. Participating in Black Friday can let people get great deals on possible Christmas presents. This is only a recommendation and isn’t to make people feel forced to go Black Friday shopping.


Christmas shopping can be both very fun and very stressful. Being able to make someone smile from receiving a present gives people a warm feeling inside. Buying gifts early can help people get what they want just in time without stressing about out of stock products. Early Christmas shopping gives buyers the opportunity to receive  what they are actually looking for. May everyone have a good Thanksgiving and an even better Christmas.