Cookin’ at Karns


Elijah Cunningham

Students learn how to put together a recipe with Mr. Neb.

Kylee Scarbrough, Managing Editor

If you are a freshman or sophomore at Karns High and are interested in taking Mr. Neb’s Culinary Arts in the upcoming year, applications are due by February 8th and can be picked up in room 102. In order to be accepted, students must fill out a questionnaire about themselves, bring in a parent letter and acquire a teacher recommendation for the class. Culinary is a great opportunity here at Karns where students not only learn how to cook, but also learn other adult living skills such as organization, career skills, independence, and responsibility. As Mr. Neb put it, “I grocery shop – my kids do all the work.” 

During a visit to the kitchen, students were seen working hard to prepare a batch of cookies while Mr. Neb provided insight into why cooking is so important for everyone around the world. He says that no matter what language someone speaks or where they’re from, everyone can connect through food because one thing all of us do is eat. Culinary Arts is a great way to expand students’ knowledge of different cultures around the world because students have the chance to cook ethnic food. For example, instead of serving tacos as a Mexican themed dish, students would instead present a cactus salad, which is much more authentic and much less cliché. Mr Neb says his students cook all sorts of food including Italian, Chinese, Caribbean, and Mexican and that the menu changes every week. 

Every Thursday, staff members and former culinary arts students have the opportunity to buy some of the delicious food cooked by the current culinary arts members; however, these students are not only cooking staff lunches. They are also preparing for cooking competitions during their time in the program. Under Mr. Neb’s guidance, the KHS Culinary Arts program has placed in many competitions such as the Big Kahuna Wing Fest and the Fantasy of Trees gingerbread house competition. They have also been featured on the local news and are currently preparing for a competition in March. Aside from these experiences, students who participate in all three culinary courses during their time at Karns High are granted with certification that will allow them to get a job as a cook straight out of high school. After graduation, these students are able to walk in and apply as a chef amongst people who have been cooking their whole adult life and have a good chance at getting the job.

When asked about her experience in the program, former Culinary Arts student Alizabeth Hutchison said, “I loved culinary,” and that, “Jacob Neblett instructed me not only in the kitchen, but also in life.” So, if you are interested in learning more about how to cook and how to be more prepared for your future as an adult, sign up for the Culinary Arts Program at KHS, and don’t forget to turn in applications by February 8th.