Work-Based Learning: What It’s All About

Tori Rasmussen, Senior Reporter

Work Based Learning is a course offered by Karns High School that allows students to create footholds in the career path they are pursuing. Elizabeth Zoldessy, currently holding the teaching position, has “ wanted to teach [Work Based Learning] for quite a few years because [she] knew it would give students the opportunity to actually do something rather than sit in a seat.”

A commonly asked question seen for this class is, “ Do you just offer work based learning for the early childhood education classes?”  With this Mrs. Zoldessy answered, “ Actually, any student who takes two CTE classes (Or any student that has completed five honors and AP classes) can sign up for Work Based Learning, and we really do encourage that because it gives those students that are going into different types of careers an opportunity to see if they really like it..”

 With Early Childhood Education in mind, students are allowed to work at the preschool, elementary, and middle school levels, with Byington Solway being an exception considering you work with high school and pre-k students. They are also allowed to go to other schools, such as Amherst, Grace Baptist, Byington Solway, as well as Karns. 

Work Based Learning is still a new class so it is not as known as some of the other programs, but Mrs. Zoldessy “ hopes that will change as the years go by, and the students see the value of having real world experiences to help them make decisions about their careers.” 

During the course of this class, students will be required to be at their work site for four days out of the week and have one day to complete the paperwork that relates to the different parts of their experience.

Due to Mrs.Zoldessy’s retirement, Mrs.Rhodes will be taking over the program starting Fall of 2020. “ She’s probably the most organized person I’ve ever seen in my entire life and she is great at getting students involved…so I know she will do an amazing job with this and I know she is excited about it [especially] since she sees students being successful in the program.” 

Lastly, if you are unsure if you are eligible for the program feel free to ask Mrs.Zoldessy, Mrs.Rhodes, or the counseling office to see if this class is the right fit for you.