Clubs Are Back – Interesting Clubs You Might Want To Know About


Briquel Cano

Mr. Gentry finishes a portrait after school during an Art Club meeting.

Briquel Cano and Jeremy Long

Note: This article is not a list of every available club at Karns. This only covers some clubs we found interesting.

Many interesting clubs are back despite the Covid-19 pandemic restricting activities at Karns High and other schools. Some clubs have started, will be starting this week, or won’t be starting at all this semester. Art Club, Anime Club, Gender Sexuality Club, and Latin Club are some of the clubs starting this week. Each of the teachers running the clubs are taking precautions to avoid spreading the virus. For example, masks are required at all times to prevent the spread of Covid.   


Art Club, run by Mr. Gentry and Mrs. Kingsbury, had its first meeting on September 23. The club will be held every Wednesday at 3:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. In the club, the members will draw, plan events, and possibly travel to art events. Mr. Gentry uses the quote, “Creativity takes courage,” from Henri Matisse to describe what he wants from the artists in his club. He wants them to get creative and have the courage to share their art. The club is run by the members of the club, not necessarily the teachers; they are only there to supervise the students. 

Anime Club, Gender Sexuality Club, and Latin Club are all run by Mrs. Kolyer. Luckily, students may join more than one of these clubs because they are not on the same day. Anime Club had its first meeting on September 23, Gender Sexuality Club had its meeting September 24, and Latin Club had its opening meeting September 22. Anime Club will be watching anime episodes and movies. They will also be trying Japanese snacks and foods, and exploring manga. The club meeting will switch from in person to online; masks are still required for in person meetings. Gender Sexuality Club will allow students to talk about their experiences and problems they’ve faced because of their sexuality. It will be a safe space for people who aren’t comfortable with talking about their sexuality with people who might judge them. The Latin Club will be learning about Latin culture, people, and the language. Mrs. Kolyer, running all three of these clubs, says, “All these clubs are for everyone”.