Halloween During the Pandemic – How Students are Celebrating


Briquel Cano

Some teachers have decorated their hallways to get into the Halloween spirit

Briquel Cano and Jeremy Long

The year 2020 has been a stressful year for everyone, and many events have been canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite this, Halloween is not canceled in Tennessee. People are still able to go trick or treating with friends and family, but it is advised to wear a mask or not go at all. Many Karns students find their own ways of continuing to have fun during Halloween while continuing to stay safe. 


Since it is recommended that people don’t go to parties or go trick or treating, some students have decided to stay home instead of going out. Hannah Lee is one of the students who has decided to stay home and just have a good time with a few friends. “I normally go trick or treating, but I’m staying home because of Covid” Lee said. She has no concerns of her friends giving her Covid because she trusts them not to come over if sick. Another student who is staying home is Brittney Lis. Lis is also going to have some friends over. Lis said, “I am worried about getting the disease,” but despite the concern she is still going to have her friends over for Halloween. 


Other students like Kaprice Brawner have decided to go trick or treating, however, she will be wearing a mask. “I don’t really have any concerns,” Brawner says. Jade Williams is another student who has decided to go out for Halloween.

“I’m having a sleepover the night before Halloween,” says Williams. She is going to trick or treat on Saturday night. She will also be wearing a mask. Despite the disease, students are finding ways to have fun during Halloween.