School 2?


Fish Newsome

Online schooling has made classrooms empty during this school year.

Fish Newsome

Is the school finally over? It’s nearing the end of the semester and most students are on the edge of their seats to come together and close the casket to this challenging year. Some students are excited about the nearing end of the cursed year of 2020 but still have a few obstacles before the end of the year, such as testing and bad grades. November was a rough month,  and the highest spike in COVID-19 cases ever. Many of the students and teachers have been witnesses to the effects of this cause. Many of the students and teachers have been quarantined into their homes, some more than once, due to infections and contact tracing. Many students got put on red, but never enough for the school to go on full red. Rumors swirled that if 30% of the teachers at Karns high or 70% of the students got quarantined then they would go full red. Even though the cases did not reach the limit the school continues to stay open for now, but perhaps won’t stay that way. This, again, is only the first semester, the students still have another possible five months of school to go and with more students as well; many students are heading out of their homes and coming to school next semester, so the school will have more students, A higher attendance rate may increase the risk for further infection of the virus which could require the school to go red anyway. There’s still time and anything could happen so the school is not yet sure what their move should be. It could go red for a little while until Covid 19 begins to die down, or vice versa with students being allowed to go to school for a little while but then go red due to all the possible causes of infections, or there could be a possible third outcome to this. Words about a possible vaccine for this virus are being spread but no vaccine has been no vaccine authorized yet for the United States CDC has been working closely with health departments and partners to develop vaccination plans for when a vaccine is available.

BREAKING NEWS: Knox county schools are shutting down and going red on Mon 11/14/2020.

Many students feel uneasy about it because it’s new and scary for them. Several are unsure about this but are coming to terms with the school’s decision to go red because it’s out of their hands.