Season Update: The Lady Beavers Soccer Team is Working Hard


Taylor Hardy

The 2021-2022 Lady Beavers Soccer team is all smiles looking into this year’s season.

Taylor Hardy and Javiana Pendergrass

The Lady Beavers are 0-1-9 at the moment but have more games to come. They have worked hard and have improved over many games. This team keeps it aggressive on the field to show no mercy. Several players had some thoughts on what they think they’re team as a whole could do to get better.


Aleela Oliver said, “I would say mostly mentality because so far we’ve gone through all of our games and lost so now we just go into it thinking we’re going to lose, so if we change that into thinking we will win it could help us a lot.¨


Even with a few losses, Oliver still keeps a strong attitude. It is her senior year and she is looking forward to finishing with a great season. 


Sophomore Laileigh Powell had to say “We definitely need to work on connecting passes on the field and keeping possession of the ball. I think we get nervous sometimes and lose possession of the ball.”


This is her first year of soccer as a sophomore and she is trying to help her team and herself get to a great win.


Their season has been a little rocky considering they have experienced several losses but the Lady Beavers are “Dam Strong”, and don’t give up. The lady beavers are working even harder after each game to get that win they deserve.


This team not only not only works hard at games but at practices too. They do many drills and sprints to get them better and quicker at what they do. They practice everyday through the week, unless they have a game. These girls put a lot of their time into thier sport and have been progressing. 


Another Player on the team, who is one of their goalkeepers, shared a bit about their practices,


“Some days are rough especially after a big loss because everyone is quiet on the field and everyone wants to just work and do everything they can. There’s other days where not everyone is in the right mindset but we still get done what needs to be done,” goalkeeper Olivia Henry said. 


Regardless of the struggles these girls have had, they push through and make the best of it. The girls still have a while to work on the things they need to become successful at and gain a win. With it being a new season and having new girls, it takes a while to get to know each other on the field, get comfortable, learn how eachother play, etc. For them to get closer, they’ve come up with team bonding activities, so they can learn to trust and understand how eachother works.  


With only four more games to go for their season, the Lady Beavers can still come away with a win. Their senior night is the 28th of September, which is a big night for the seniors on the team. This being their last season of highschool soccer, they want to come out with some big wins. After their regular season, which ends on October 5th, they will play in the district tournament, which starts October 9th. The Lady Beavers seek to place in the district tournament, possibly extending their run deeper into the postseason.