Karns Band Hosts KMI


Chris Wade

The KHS band practices for this year’s halftime show.

Hallie Sidsworth and Jeremy White

KMI (Karns Marching Invitational) is a marching band competition at Karns High School that will take place on September 25th. As many as 20 schools compete annually, with the exception of last year. This year is Karns’ 12th anniversary of hosting this event. Neighboring schools such as Hardin Valley Academy and Bearden High School will be present this year. 


This year is especially important because it is the first time since 2019 that “The Fighting Beaver Band” has been able to host or participate in a competition because of Covid-19.  When asked how not having KMI affected the band as a whole Jimbo Craford, head band director at Karns High School, said, “Well… Negatively by about 20,000 dollars.” KMI is a major fundraising event for the band. This event brings in cash through concessions and admission fees. 


Along with making small things such as buying music and instrument repairs difficult, the absence of KMI also deprived Karns band of experience and competition opportunity. Crawford said, “We didn’t get a chance to see any other bands. It’s almost like we have two classes of freshmen. That makes this year hard.” Despite the struggle many members are ecstatic to either experience their first ever KMI or participate in their KMI since 2019. Josh Ranger, a Junior member of Karns band said, “I feel good and I’m very excited for this year’s competition.” 


Volunteering is almost essential to make KMI happen, however not much outside help is needed. Crawford explains, “The occasional NJHS (National Junior Honors Society) member will volunteer to get service hours, but for the most part the 170 members we have put in a lot of work and time and that’s all we need.” Volunteer work includes things such as, picking up trash, running concessions, helping bands move their equipment ect. Many parents of the community also step in to volunteer. Justin White, a senior band member of the Fighting Beaver Band, says, “Yeah I enjoy volunteering, I usually just float around and do what’s needed so I get to hang out.”


Admission to KMI is $8 for 12 and up and $4 for children. KMI will begin at 2:15 and awards will take place at 9:00. Parking for KMI is free.