Say Hi to Homecoming

This years dress up days include Country vs Country Club, Mathletes vs Athletes, Pajama Day, and Holiday.

Seirra Sacco

This year’s dress up days include Country vs Country Club, Mathletes vs Athletes, Pajama Day, and Holiday.

Seirra Sacco

Homecoming has been a high school tradition since the early 20th century to raise money for sports and welcome Alumni back to their old school. The Homecoming Queen always runs for her position. Usually only Juniors and Seniors are allowed to run for Homecoming Queen, but this year at Karns High the younger years are allowed to run, too.


Carly Johnson, a Senior, is running for the Volleyball Team. When asked why she was running for Homecoming Queen, Johnson replied, “ I am running for Homecoming Queen to raise money for my team for new gear and other things needed for it.”


Tori McPherson, a Junior, is running for the Dance Team. When asked the same question McPherson said, “ To help my dance team with payments and help costs be done and all that. The money will be used to pay for instructor fees and costumes.”


Homecoming Queen candidates use fundraisers to help support their teams for new supplies needed. There are many different ways to fundraise and they are never doing it just for themselves, but for their teams.


Johnson was asked what were some of the ways she raised money, “We have done a car wash and we had an Alumni game night,” she replied.


McPherson said, “ We did Ham ‘n’ Goodies, sold bracelets and earrings, and TOC bought a $500 banner from us and sponsored the Dance Team.” 


Ever since Homecoming Tradition was started there has always been teachers to help the election go smoothly. Two of the teachers at Karns are Mrs. Cindy Buttrey and Mrs. Kim Stair.


When asked how many years she had been helping with Homecoming Mrs. Buttrey said, “ This is actually my first year, but I am excited to be doing this.”

Mrs. Stair was asked the same question and replied, “ I have been helping with Homecoming for 24 years and not all of them have been at Karns.”


Homecoming is not just a king and queen, but a whole court. Before the Homecoming Queen is chosen, candidates are known as Princesses of the Court. When the Homecoming Queen is announced the former Homecoming Queen crowns the new Homecoming Queen. Homecoming week always ends with the football game. Karns Beavers are going against the Carter Hornets for this year’s Homecoming game.