The Karns Weekly Reports Changes and Events Around the School

The Karns Weekly is a weekly news report about things happening at Karns High School. This production is made by the students who take A/V production at Byington. 


These videos are usually around five minutes and have many different parts including the introduction, weather report, and teacher student interviews, so that they can get to the point and address the upcoming events. 


The Karns Weekly is a fairly new program that offers several different opportunities for their students. “We started working on the concept for the program towards the end of last year,” says Mr. Wade. “We completed some test videos and got feedback before starting the weekly production. Our first show was on September 3rd 2021.” Offering A/V1, A/V2 and A/V3, they are already offering of chances for students to take courses that apply to their personal interests. Dual Credit opportunities are available for all three of these classes. 


The students are responsible for coming up with ideas, writing, editing and creating the video itself. Some of their ideas can be given to them by presenting them to their social media pages, as the students are always looking to keep the audience captivated. The production takes the whole week from pre-production, production and post production,” Mr. Wade Says. “On Mondays, we work on topics and the script for that week’s show. Tuesday through Thursday are our filming and editing days. On Friday, we put the finishing touches on the program and post it to the Youtube page, The Karns Network.” 


You can find them in several places. Their Youtube channel is called The Karns Network and their Twitter is @KarnsNetwork.