Trick or Candy Grams? NHS Fundraiser Benefits Local Cancer Charity

NHS students sample candy in preparation for their fundraiser

Aurora Barks

NHS students sample candy in preparation for their fundraiser

Seirra Sacco and Aurora Barks

National Honor Society monthly fundraiser for October is Candy Grams. After fall break, people can purchase candy for friends or loved ones in school for one dollar. After purchasing, they will be handed out during the last week of October by NHS. Candy Grams is a funrasiser for Tennessee Cancer Coalition, a local charity to help breast cancer patients, research treatment, and awareness. Each month there will be a new charity to fundraise for. One of the requirements to be a member in good standing in the club, thus getting a cord the requirements, are to raise five dollars each month


The club officers plan to expand their service to local charities.


Sophie Roark, a Senior and club officer, said “ A lot of times students hand in their five dollars, but this allows students to get more involved.”


Most members in NHS are happy to be involved. 


Regular members are looking forward to it, for example Maleah Bird, a Junior, said “ I am excited for this!”


Teachers that help with the club believe that this can help the kids and get them more involved.


John Cionfolo, a faculty advisor said, “ I think it is a great thing for students to be involved with since it helps local charities and helps raise awareness for breast cancer.”