Mu Alpha Theta Begins Tutoring

Seirra Sacco

The previous sponsor for Mu Alpha Theta was Mrs. Joann Lapointe, but last year she left for a new job. The new sponsor for Mu Alpha Theta is Mrs. Rose Naes who teaches Honors and college prep Algebra II for Juniors. 


Mrs. Naes said,” I thought it was a good fit since I am a math teacher and I was in it in high school. When Mrs. Lapointe left last year they needed someone to take it on.”, when asked why she decided to sponsor Mu Alpha Theta.


When Brooklynn Hayes was asked why she wanted to be a tutor she replied,” I am doing it because I am in clubs.”


Mu Alpha Theta has sessions on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays for Math.


When asked what subjects Mu Alpha Theta tutors in, Mrs. Naes said,” We cover all math classes from Algebra 1 to Calculus. I also have students that are willing to tutor in English, Chemistry, Biology, and Government.”


Hayes replied,” I am a Junior and besides Mu Alpha Theta I am in HOSA.”, when asked what grade she was in and if she was in any other clubs.


Mu Alpha Theta is an amazing tutoring club that can help students who are struggling with school be able to keep up with their work and graduate on time.