Winter Formal in Consideration at KHS After Successful Homecoming Turnout

Karns High is hoping to have a glittery night if winter formal happens.

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Karns High is hoping to have a glittery night if winter formal happens.

Holly Van Dyke

As of recently, there has been speculation around the school about the possibility of a Winter Formal dance. For now, students will have to wait to find out if it will be held or not, as the idea is still under consideration. Kim Stair and Cindy Buttry are both in charge of planning the potential event, and they were also the organizers for the Homecoming Hoedown earlier in September, which had a positive turnout. Both Mrs. Stair and Ms. Buttry have shared that the students’ desire to hold a winter dance is the reason for it being considered, but a large amount of planning goes into those types of events, so nothing is set in stone.


Ms. Buttry explained that a specific group of students requested the dance, stating, “Several students from the culture committee have asked and requested that we do one,” and she continues that “if we did do one, it would be a semi-formal, but right now it’s still just under consideration.” The culture committee, who also played a role in the planning the Homecoming dance, would likely have a role in the planning of this as well assuming it happens. Other students have also expressed interest in the idea of a winter dance. Junior, Lyndsey Dodge, explained that a winter formal would “be a little something extra for people to enjoy and look forward to.” Ms. Buttry says on the subject that many things could prevent this from happening, but the main one being planning. She says, “logistics, time, that’s the main thing. There’s a lot with basketball coming up and teacher involvement… It’s a lot of planning involved in getting something like that together.”


Despite the lack of many details at this time, there are some small details that have been considered already, but anything can change. Mrs. Stair states that the dance would likely be in January, and in regards to potential ticket prices she states, “I would think they would be about $25 a ticket. We would have to just look and see.”She also says “The prom committee will probably help decorate if we have it.” Ms. Buttry explains that she does not yet know if any requirements to attend will be in place, like a student’s attendance or grades, since planning is “in the very beginning stages.” 


As Karns High School does not normally hold a winter formal, the idea can be very exciting for students, but it is currently only an idea to be considered. For students who may be interested in helping, joining the prom committee would be beneficial. You can do this by picking up a form outside of Mrs. Stair’s room, 118, and turning in the completed form by Nov. 12.