Underclass Presidents Have Been Decided, Now What Are They Doing?

This year, underclassmen cast their ballots for class president.

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This year, underclassmen cast their ballots for class president.

Kaeleigh Cooper

On October 1st, voting for class presidents began and ended during third block. After the votes were counted and the decision was made, the Underclassmen welcomed Avery Hanson as their Sophomore Class President, and Ron’Tavion Mason as their Freshman Class President. But what made Hanson and Mason want to run for class president? 


“I just like to help people.“ Hanson answers.


Mason answers by acknowledging the atmosphere of being class president, “I wanted to get the experience and experience the type of government space because when I grow up I want to be a politician.”


So, how are the class presidents planning on helping their class specifically?


“I want to try to plan some events for the freshman class specifically so that we can all open up and have more faith in each other,” Mason states.


Hanson “ would like to either do some kind of fundraising events or something and just make better changes for the school and make it better for everyone.”


For those who are curious, what is being class president like? 


When asked how busy Hanson generally is, she answered, “Sometimes but it mostly depends on what we’re doing at the time. Like last week I was super busy preparing for Ghoul at the School, but as far as right now, no, because we aren’t close enough to our next event.”


Mason adds how being class president works, “We have meetings with the principal and we have meetings with [April Shoults, SGA Coordinator], [since] we go to her with questions that we have.”


Hanson elaborates, “We group meetings with all the other members of both student government and the other class presidents.”


What are the duties and responsibilities of a class president? 


According to Mason their responsibilities are, “just to make sure the environment is safe and respectful and make sure that everyone is getting what they need.”


Hanson states, “[we are] supposed to go to all the events and coordinate different things we’ll do for those events, so we just did Ghoul at the School and I was there and we set up a table. And  People will come and talk to me about things they might want to put in for the sophomore class.” 


For those who are interested in looking to make suggestions about changes they’d like to see, both Class Presidents are willing to take suggestions and comments, Hanson even stated, “I haven’t asked around yet, but I do think that’s a good idea.”. So now you know a little more about your Under Class presidents, Freshman President Ron’Tavion Mason and Sophomore President Avery Hanson.