Ghoul at The School Amid the New Normal in a Pandemic Society

Families visit booths run by various KHS clubs during Ghoul at the School

Aurora Barks

Families visit booths run by various KHS clubs during Ghoul at the School

Aurora Barks

Booths line in an oval shape, most having candy or activities, sometimes both. Kids, parents, high school students and teachers are all mingling about. It slowly grows colder as the hours pass. Some children are Avengers, others supernatural creatures like witches and a few other miscellaneous things, the few-month-old avocado and the toddler Bugs Bunny pop into mind. Yes, on Friday, October 22, 5:00-8:00 p.m. all these things came to exist for Ghoul at the school. 


Ghoul at the school is a yearly event in Karns High School. It’s a mini Halloween festival set up by kids, the high schoolers, for kids. Clubs set up booths with candy and actives that anyone can participate in. 


SGA passes out candy and color pages. The National Art Honors Society did face or hand painting. HOSA created a frankenstein mask and “potion making”(throwing items in a buck). AVID did Harry Potter themed activities. Mu Alpha Theta and Key club pass out candy. DECA did an assortment of games. TSA did slime making. Yearbook made balloon animals. GSA gave out candy and tattoos. 


This year’s Ghoul at the school has been slightly altered compared to other years. Ghoul at the school hasn’t happened in two years due to covid. As the COVID-19 pandemic dies down, many events such as Ghoul at the school are important milestones of returning to a new normal. 


Many people agree with this sentiment such as Barbara Hutton, a teacher, and Tori McPherson, a junior.


Hutton said  “It’s good to see the community come together especially after Covid.” 


Tori McPherson, a junior, also shared her thoughts on how this event is helping. 


Mcpherson said “I think people will be grateful that the Karns community is holding something that they do especially after the pandemic to be a part in something.” 


This year’s turnout is also smaller than in previous years. 


Maleah Bird, a junior, said “This year is kind of boring as there are not a lot of people and not a lot of booths are here. Last year we had a booth line from there to there (pointing from the start at the school doors to the very end of the front canopy). ” 


Even if the event is downsized it is a step in the right direction. The bottom line though is that everyone in the Karns community had a great time with sweet treats and smiles from ear to ear.