Is Senior Skip Day Just Another Day Off?


Violet Whitson

Many rooms in high schools across the country are empty on what is affectionately known as “Senior Skip Day.”

Violet Whitson

It is a tradition around many high schools in the nation for seniors to take one day out of their last year and collectively skip. Most refer to it as Senior Skip Day. At Karns, this day comes every year around the end of the first semester. This year, it will be held on November 1st, right before election day. Make sure to remember!


Senior Skip Day has been going on as a tradition since around the 1930s and celebrated nationwide. As the day approaches, people are making a choice to skip or not, but how does the staff think of it? “I don’t think it shows any type of laziness or rebellion.” AVID teacher Bethanny Burnette says, “It’s just a nice tradition to embrace their senior status.” Senior Skip day should be a fun celebration. Mrs. Burnette has been at Karns for around ten years and witnessed many students come and go just like many other Karns staff members.


There are mixed opinions about the day, but is it more than just taking a day off? Seniors are about to be or are already going out on their own, and making decisions for themselves is a big part of growing up. Upperclassmen have worked hard to get where they are so, what do they think of their special day? Senior at Karns High, Danelle Thurmer, feels that, ”It’s cool because seniors can have a day that’s just for them and their hard work.” So, this day could be seen as a form of recognition for the seniors’ extensive efforts to get through highschool.


Seniors have spent lots of time figuring it out themselves. So, one school day out of the last year they will be there is a celebration of the last four highschool years. Senior skip day can be seen in many ways like a lazy day, a way to stand up to administrators, or a way to be recognized, but if it is anything, it’s a day for the seniors.