Karns Band Goes To AMI and Knox County Exhibition


Hallie Sidsworth

Band members get ready to march to the football field for their parent performance.

Hallie Sidsworth

AMI (Alcoa Marching Invitational) is a band competition hosted at Alcoa annually and will take place on Saturday, October 30th.  Karns Highschool Band will be one of the 20-24 schools competing this year. This is the last competition for not only Karns, but for many other schools that will be there. This is an important chance for a lot of bands to show off their fully finished show. 


Reecey Grubbs a Junior in Karns Band said, ¨Yeah, I’m excited. Kind of sad though. I can’t believe that Saturday our competition is over.¨ When asked about Knox County Exhibition, Grubbs answered, ¨Exhibition is always one of my favorite things in the season, I love getting to see all the schools near us that we didn’t play or compete against.¨ Another Junior member of the band, Izzy Danzey also said that the exhibition is one of her favorite events of the year ¨I always have a lot of fun, but i’m really sad about marching season being over.¨


Knox County exhibition is a chance for all Knox county schools to see each other perform. This year the exhibition will be a closed event allowing more students to sit in the front of the field to view the shows. Exhibition is not a competition so there will be no Judges. There are also no strict time restraints like traditional competitions. Exhibition is just for bands to have fun and watch other bands. This year the exhibition will be hosted at West high school and will take place on Monday, November 1st.