Movie Review: Things Seen and Heard

The poster for the new film, Things Heard and Seen


The poster for the new film, Things Heard and Seen

Caelen Mann

“Things Seen and Heard” is a horror movie about a couple that moves to a new home when the husband is offered a new job. Following the same series of events of a couple that lived in the house prior to them, they begin to find out unusual things about each other, the house, and the people that lived there before them which drives the two of them further apart all the way to the end. Paranormal experiences happen with the daughter and wife, while the husband grows increasingly temperamental. This movie mentions eating disorders and domestic violence.


I thought the idea behind the story was interesting and it had a lot of potential, but the way that it played out wasn’t that good. It seemed very redundant and I almost didn’t want to keep watching at a certain point because it took a very long time for anything of any interest to actually happen. It felt as if the movie was dragging and they didn’t really know when to stop and when it finally did end, it was very abrupt and unclear as to what was happening.


I wouldn’t recommend this for someone that is really into horror movies because it wasn’t scary at all, it was mostly centered around domestic abuse, but was extremely hard for me to understand what was going on and how the paranormal activity was incorporated into the story. It needs to be watched actively, rather than using it as background noise if you intend on understanding it.