Opinion: All Students Should Be Artists


Ruby Caver

The art room offers a fun and welcoming environment to students who love to create.

Ruby Caver

Art has a different meaning to every single person. Creativity is a very diverse subject and is able to be used in multiple different ways. When someone creates something by themselves, it can help them feel accomplished and talented in a way. Anyone can be artistic in their own way no matter who they are.

Most people assume that art requires complicated technique and insane amounts of talent but that is not the case, anyone can create art because it is a form of expression. Senior Morgan Gilmer says, “I really enjoy the freedom of expression when it comes to creating art. Whether it is music, painting, or even writing, there are good outlets for letting your emotions flow onto a diverse canvas. Personally, creating art helps me establish things I may not want to say to others or even to myself. Art is a means of expression that is endless, and is beautiful.” Self expression is an important life skill that everyone learns how to do with time. Life is very stressful and humans can only do so much, learning how to communicate emotions is something everyone should learn how to do.

Working on art is able to reduce stress no matter how good people actually are. Being artistic can come in many ways. Something just as simple as doodling on a piece of paper is enough to calm someone down. Lauren Thompson states, “It allows me to de-stress and relax, I’m able to get all my emotions out through my artwork because I’m not always able to get them through talking to someone.” Art can be a form of therapy and relieve stress from people’s lives.

Creating your own art can spark an individual’s creativity. Making art at a young age can develop skills for the future. Macy McMillian says, “I guess it’s nice to be creating something visually appealing to look at.” Working on something by yourself can make someone feel better about themselves. Artists are able to use their imagination and express a certain feeling in their work.

There are multiple different ways to create art, the possibilities are endless when it comes to artistic expression. There are 7 known forms of art that several people create. There is Painting, where people apply paint or other media to a surface. Sculpture, where hard materials are worked into 3-D objects. Literature, where a story is shared that develops a theme for an audience.  Architecture, the designing and technique of designing and building. Cinema, expressing meaning through film. Music, combining vocal or instrumental sounds for a form of expression. Theater, live performances that create a sense of drama. There is not only one single form of art, there are multiple themes and techniques. Anyone has the ability to become an artist.

Most people assume that they can’t create art. People often compare their artistic ability to other people. Creating art can reduce stress and allow people to truly express their emotions that they usually can’t in general. Art doesn’t require a certain level of skill or talent, art is all about self expression.