Student Spotlight at Karns High School


Penelope Tenorio

This week’s student spotlight

Penelope Tenorio, Reporter

With the new school year, students with incredible talents aren’t noticed as much as they need to be. Student Spotlight allows them to show off their gift.    

    Wyatt is a 10th grader at Karns High School. He is a dancer who has been dancing since the age of five. From that point on, he has been inspired by all sorts of dancers. He grew up with his older sister, Morgan, who loved watching the show Dance Moms. Mackenzie Ziegler motivated Wyatt to continue his journey of dancing, knowing she was just like him. At a young age he loved copying her every move until finally, his mom put him in dance classes at his local dance center.Now at 15 years old, Marley participates in many dance competitions with friends and family, and soon wants to dance with other dancers.

“Whenever I get the chance, I want to be a backup dancer for the Kpop band BTS,” Wyatt stated. 

His face lit up whenever this question was asked. It’d seem he could hardly hold his smile in. His favorite song to dance to is Dynamite by BTS. He loves this song because the song expresses him and his full energy. Dancing and music makes him joyful, and makes him feel like himself. Wyatt’s idea for the future is to continue dancing until he finds a better ideal hobby

  Adrian Alba is a senior at Karns High School. Alba first started his journey by making beats, and then continued to make music. He makes music such as hip-hop, pop, alternative, etc. Alba released an album late in 2021. This album consists of 8 of his songs that can be found on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube. He makes music because it gives him entertainment. He soon took a break to recollect all of his thoughts. This soon allowed him to discover the guitar.

 Alba self taught himself guitar, and has now been playing it for two months. 

“Playing the guitar makes me happy and makes my toes twinkle,” Alba said. 

He is inspired by Kirk Hammett. His favorite song to play on his guitar is In My Darkest Hour by Megadeth  . “I’m probably going to be bald in my thirties playing guitar with my kids,’ Alba says. He plans to keep this hobby until his fingers fall off he exclaimed.

  Dani Clark is a sophomore at Karns High School. She’s loved cooking since the age of seven. Her mom taught her how to cook, after her mom went to culinary school. Clark plans to take after her mom’s footsteps. 

She loves using her skills to share food with people and make food whenever she desires. Her favorite thing to make is pizza, hence why she works at Dominoes. She wants to go to culinary school just like her mother so she can hopefully one day open her own pizza place. 

“If I were to name my pizza place I would name it Papa Dani’s after that one cool math game,” she said. 

If she can’t make that happen she wants to continue to work at Dominoes. She loves going to work every weekend to make pizzas for everyone.

  Emma Harrimen is a sophomore at Karns High School. She loves singing whenever and wherever. You can find her singing loudly in the Karns hallways. She self taught herself how to sing at the age of six. Harrimen enjoys singing for her parents. She loves singing all of Ariana Grande’s songs. 

“My top song to sing for her would totally be ‘No Tears Left to Cry,,”Harrimen said.

 She practices every day so she can sing to and along with the people at her church. She also enjoys showing off her talented skills to her sister, Katie. There is only one thing she dislikes about it, it makes her voice go out a ton. 

  Sbehydy Batrez is a sophomore at Karns High School. She’s been dancing since she was a little girl. She took this talent from her mom who has been dancing for fifteen plus  years. Batrez loves dancing to bachata. One of her few top artists is Romeo Santos. Her favorite song to dance to by him is Odio with a feature from Drake. She loves dancing with other people. 

“Whenever I dance it makes me feel more energetic and less stressed, it sort of relieves me,” Batrez said. 

She dances for two to three hours a day to keep getting better at what she                                                                                        does. She plans one day to be able to dance for a dance team.  

So many students have wonderful talents that just need to be acknowledged and the chance to share them out like Marley, Alba, Dani, Emma and Sbehydy. Many are unknown and unacknowledged but all of them are equally as important as the other.