Blue Zoo: Meet the 2022-2023 Student Section leaders!


Elizabeth Suranofsky

The Iconic rock was recently painted to celebrate the Blue Zoo

Elizabeth Suranofsky, Reporter

Meet Emily Reynolds, Riley Hartline, Joey Wright, and Dylan Owens seniors at Karns High School and the 2022-2023 student section leaders for the Blue Zoo! Their job is to spread spirit throughout the high school and encourage the community to get more involved. When asked how they planned to do this Emily Reynolds was the first to respond. 


 “ We’ve been posting a lot, and getting our friends to dress up…” said Reynolds. 


This has worked like a domino effect. She then added she felt the community was more involved this year as opposed to last year.  


Then when asked what new things they had planned this year, they were more than happy to share. 


“ Half-time mini-games are going to start happening soon…” said Owens.


  They explained that the half-time mini-games were going to be things like sac races to a chugging contest where winners would be rewarded with T-shirts and other sorts of prizes. They would do little footballs that say Karns on them and other sorts. The group also mentioned how they were going to have the student section do the wave and do little chants/cheer to boost morale.


But the excitement doesn’t stop there. 


 “ We have a lot of stuff planned towards the end of the year,” said Owens. 


To which Riley added, “…We have a lot of stuff in our back pocket…”  


The leaders of the Blue Zoo couldn’t be more excited about the upcoming year. However there are some cons: the Blue Zoo isn’t cheap and it can be very time-consuming. The leaders talked about how while it is fun it became very expensive very quickly. The group shared that they are responsible for paying for all of the props and costumes themselves. However, they made sure to add that the relationships they have made with members of the community, students, and staff members have made it worthwhile. It seems the student section is in good hands with the new leaders of the Blue Zoo. They all seem to be very enthusiastic about this season and what they have planned.