Project U is here for you!


Elias Eagle

Senior Nathan Schroder poses with Counselor and Project U sponsor Ms. Carneal.

Elias Eagle, Reporter

Project U is a new club within KHS, and it has huge plans for the community! Project U is a student-led club that allows members to take part as a collective in improving the Karns landscape as a whole. The club is organized by Brittney Carneal, student counselor for KHS, and she’s made it a priority the club stays student oriented.
Project U is all about inclusivity, and spreading kindness all around the school. They want to create a space where everyone is welcome, regardless of race, sexuality, or background; a place to be one’s authentic self, where everyone’s opinion is valued and respected. 

According to their mission statement, Project U “aims to foster in the school and community by extending a helpful hand where needed,” showing how committed they are to helping the community in general, and treating everyone as an equal. Carneal exemplifies this fact in saying “kindness is at the route of a strong community,” following these basic guidelines of kindness and understanding will help Karns grow as a community, and it’s Project U’s mission to spread this message around KHS.

Project U participates in many different group activities, revolving around helping out the Karns community. While everything is still up in the air, the club has a lot of things they want to sponsor. They plan on handing out stickers on World Smile Day, giving out hot cocoa on the last week of school, or hosting a silent disco to help those sensitive to audio, Project U is dedicated to putting a smile on peoples’ faces. Not only that, but they’re a club dedicated to raising awareness to certain topics. They plan to do something for red ribbon week, bringing awareness to the drug problem across the US, but most importantly at KHS. They want to take occasions like “recycling day,”“World Kindness Day,” and turn it into something truly special, not only for the people a part of the group, but for those all around the school. It’s all about creating a fun environment, and one that acknowledges issues that may be overlooked by most people.

Project U club members are really putting in an initiative to make all of this happen, and they have a lot to say about Project U. 

Nathan Schroader, a senior at Karns High School and member of Project U, said he joined Project U because “I was in last year’s student culture committee… It really went from student led to teacher led… it didn’t come back this year.” The culture committee’s failure to keep everyone as equals is the reason for its descent, so Project U is making a goal to keep to its original guidelines, and always keep it all student oriented. 

“I wanted to spread kindness throughout the community, it’s a little rough nowadays,” said Elissa Clark, another member of Project U, emphasizing how Karns has a bit of a problem with inclusivity; a lot of students don’t have a sense of belonging. Project U wants to change that, nobody should feel left out at the school they go to for 40+ hours a week, and having a group of people to lend a helping hand can certainly help the school in many positive ways.

Project U is here to stay, and for anyone interested in joining, the group is still accepting new members! Meetings are held every Monday in the library at 3:45 PM. The real qualities of a Project U member is anyone dedicated to making a change, making wrongs right, and giving a helping hand when needed. If any of this is of interest, don’t hesitate to come to a meeting. Of course, everyone is welcome!