KHS Seniors make plans for next year during College App Week


Diego Matias-Arroyo

Seniors Eli Hicks and Ethan Crandall plan their future.

Diego Matias Arroyo

Schools of Tennessee have always offered a week where it is free to apply to their many schools. This is known as Free College App week for the people here at Karns. With this opportunity, Seniors are taking advantage of it by applying left and right to their potential schools and making plans for next year and looking forward to their future.

Seniors Harper Pickney and Audrey Summers are two of many seniors that applied to Tennessee colleges University of Tennessee Knoxville and East Tennessee State University.  Pickney says that he is excited to study Pre-Law and Political Science at one of the many universities he applied to. The college he is hoping to get into is Auburn University. 

Summers plans to pursue Health Science and Nursing as her majors in college. She says that she has been making use of free college week by “Applying to College for free and [viewing] scholarship opportunities.” Summers is most excited about “Going to new places” in her future college experience.

Other seniors have also applied to University of Tennessee Chattanooga and UTK during free college app week, like Seniors Ethan Crandall, Eli Hicks, and Nathan Schroeder. 

Eli Hicks, who applied to UTK, is excited to “move and experience new things [in college].” 

Ethan Crandall who applied to UTK is looking forward to “Getting out of the house and having more freedom.” 

Nathan Schroeder who applied to UTC and UTK is excited for “A change of environment, Being out of Knoxville, and being independent.”

All of these seniors seem to know what they want to do and are excited and ready for their future. Even for people who aren’t seniors, it is never too soon to start thinking about your future. There is something for everyone in life with all the opportunities presented to them.