The Lady Beavers are Volleyballin’ at Karns High School


Aisha Earp

Coach Paula Kenney pauses from her day to smile for our photographer

Aisha Earp

Karns High Volleyball team, led by coach Kim Stair and Paula Kenney has a 8-8(at the time of this interview) record and the girls have been working hard. The girls say they work great together and they are super good friends on and off the court and even when they take losses they leave with a smile on their faces. They practice every single day right after school except on game days of course until 5:30. The team is currently seated 4th in the district.

         Jessie Barton, from Ewing, Virginia is a junior volleyball player and she is actually the daughter of coach Paula Kenney. She’s been playing volleyball for 7years. Barton says that she’s been looking into many colleges and videos of every game, she says 

“I am about to send my highlights to different colleges in hopes of getting a scholarship,” Barton also states she works hard every single practice and takes criticism as an opportunity to try to stay level headed, 

“The thing I love the most about volleyball is the opportunities it has given me, through friendships and mental challenges it has gotten me through a bunch that I wouldn’t have had if it wasn’t for volleyball,” Barton added.

        Paula Kenney has been coaching volleyball at Karns highschool for 3 year and she says she absolutely loves it, she played league volleyball for about 15 years but also played in highschool for 3 years, she also loves to travel internationally in their camper.. Kenney says her favorite thing about coaching volleyball is

 “The relationships I have with my girls on the team,” Kenney says. Since her daughter, Jessie Barton’s senior year is coming up, she might want to just be a mom on the stands then follows up with

 “But if they can’t find another coach I’d probably be willing to stay,” she added.  In her 20’s Kenney stopped playing volleyball and when asked why she responds with “old,” when she started having kids and they began to grow up, she says it was just the time, but her 49 year old husband still plays league ball and he’s been playing for about 35 years.

    Karns volleyball team seems to have amazing players and coaches and hopefully they will continue to have an amazing season.