Musical Theater auditions bring talent to KHS stage


Kyleigh Royster

Micah Linn is working on his audition for Musical Theatre

Kyleigh Royster, Reporter

        Musical Theater auditions were on Tuesday, October 18th. There were many people that showed up after school to audition, including members who had previously auditioned, and new members who auditioned for the first time. 

        Mr. Tinsley will be the teacher of Musical Theater this year. He expressed his excitement and the absolute joy he feels when it comes to teaching musical theater. Mr. Tinsley has been teaching musical theater for 7 years now, along with teaching chorus. He was in musical theater in high school, and says “I love getting to see and work with all of the set building and behind the scenes work I missed out on in high school. It [teaching musical theater] is an extremely taxing part of my position, but I love teaching it.” He says he loves seeing how excited students get each year to be a part of musical theater, and that’s always been one of his favorite parts about teaching it, along with seeing all of the beautiful sets. 

        I then sat down with freshman Micah Linn, who is new to musical theater this year. He shared his personal view on musical theater. He says he auditioned because “I felt like I had a good opportunity.” 

He talked about how he felt before auditioning. “I felt scared, but after I auditioned, people told me I did good, so I felt good about myself.” Linn is most looking forward to “being able to work on some of the stage stuff.” 

        Other students were also very thrilled to audition for Musical Theater. Addy Garret says she auditioned because she has a strong passion for performing. “I’ve always been involved in the music scene, and being able to perform on stage is what I’m good at”. This is her third year auditioning, due to her complicated schedule that stopped her from auditioning her sophomore year. She is most looking forward to being on stage again. “Being able to experience the rush of adrenaline while singing on stage is so unbelievably unique. There is nothing that compares to it.” Garret also feels the cast and crew are a great part of musical theater for her. “This can only happen when your cast and crew are supportive. We have the absolute best cast and crew, and without them, it wouldn’t be the same or as enjoyable. 

        Musical Theater is set to begin sometime during the spring. While it is too late to audition for a role in the play, there’s still time to join the tech crew. Visit Mr. Tinsley in the chorus room for more information if you want to join.