Be cool at Ghoul at the School

Diego Matias Arroyo, Reporter

Ghoul at the School is coming to Karns High School! This event is a Karns tradition that has been going on for years, where people and kids from the community come together and celebrate Halloween. It is at the school on Saturday the 29th at Karns High School. Ghoul at the school last year was outside due to the pandemic restrictions, but this year it will be inside the school.

English Teacher Mrs. Shoults, the head of this event, says “Ghoul at the school is a free community event where can come and bring their kids.”  Everyone is welcome to bring their kids to this event where they can participate in trick or treating and playing games. 

Other people involved in this event are groups like DECA, HOSA, AVID and other various sports teams like the Baseball team. If anybody would like to support this event, they are welcome to see Mrs. Shoults in room 125.

Many other members of the staff of Karns High School are planning on bringing their kids to ghoul at the school this year. 

“[Ghoul at the school] is something they really enjoy and it’s a good family friendly event they look forward to every year,” says English teacher Mrs. Monday, who will be bringing her kids to Ghoul at the School.

Along with many teachers, many students are helping with this event as well for service hours. Senior Reecey Grubbs says she is going to participate in Ghoul at the School. She says “[I want] to get opportunities to connect with the people in our community.”

Come support Ghoul at the School this Friday and interact with the community!