Bowling strikes at Karns High School


Penelope Tenorio

Students on the KHS Bowling team compete against other local schools.

Penelope Tenorio, Reporter

Bowling at Karns High School has been around for years. Karns bowling team has started off the season very well, as of right now their score is 5-1. They play at three different bowling alleys which are the Oak Ridge Bowling Alley, Western Avenue Strike and Spare, and they also play at Strike and Spare Fountain Lanes. The season goes from late September to December. 

“We’ve started off the season really well, and hope to continue like that,” Extine, bowling coach, said.

The way they compete is they have one game where the boys and girls play head to head, and for another one they play is a baker game. A baker game is where five players of each team share a single line where five players of each team share a single line and play 20 to 30 frames.

Karns bowling allows you to have fun with friends and other bowlers while still doing what you love to do.         

“I like bowling because it’s fun and also we get to leave class earlier,” Keaton Duckworth said.

“I love competing, and with bowling I can do that all the time,” Cole Porter said.


The following people are in bowling: Ian Carter, Abby Dalton, Keaton Duckworth – Manager, Jackson Gerdes, Zyler Goodman, Bryson Hedrick, Jeremiah London – Manager, Ben Pelfrey, Cole Porter, and Brandon Stevens.


Previous Games


9/27/22 – Tuesday – Karns vs. Gibbs at Fountain Lanes 5:00PM – BEAVERS WIN 14-9


9/29/22 – Thursday -Karns vs. Oak Ridge at Oak Ridge 4:00PM – AWAY – TIE then a loss. 


10/4/22 – BYE – No game


10/6/22 – Thursday – (Rescheduled-from 11-10) Karns vs.  Bearden at Strike and Spare 4:00pm – HOME – BEAVERS WIN due to forfeit


10/18/22 – Tuesday – Hardin Valley High at Oak Ridge 4:00pm – AWAY – BEAVERS WIN 22-1 


10/20/22 – Thursday – Karns vs. CMA at Fountain Lanes 5:00PM – BEAVERS WIN 23-0 


10/25/22 – Tuesday – Karns vs. Carter at Western Ave.  4:00 – HOME – BEAVERS WIN 17.5 to 5.5 (They were undefeated before that match.)                                                       



Upcoming Games:              

            10/27/22 – Thursday – Karns vs. Bearden at Strike and Spare 4:00 – AWAY


11/1/22 –   Tuesday – BYE 


11/3/22 –   Thursday – Karns vs. Gibbs at Western Ave.  4:00PM -HOME


11/7/22 – MONDAY- Karns vs. Central at Western Ave.  4:00PM – HOME – (No school on Tuesday, 11-8-22 due to election day.)


11/10/22 – Thursday – BYE – NO GAME


11/15/22 – Tuesday – Karns vs. L & N at Western Ave. 4:00pm – HOME


11/17/22 – Thursday – Karns vs. HVA at Western Ave.  4:00PM – HOME


11/21/22 – MONDAY – L & N at Fountain at 4:00PM (Monday games can be at 4:00pm) 


11/22/22 – Tues – Central at Fountain Lanes 5:00PM – AWAY


11/24/22 – Thursday – BYE – Thanksgiving Break


11/29/22 – Tuesday – Karns vs. Oak Ridge at Western Ave.  4:00pm- HOME


12/1/22 – Thursday – BYE – no game


12/6/22 – Tuesday – Karns vs. CMA at Western Ave.  4:00PM – HOME


12/8/22 – Thursday – Carter at Fountain Lanes 5:00PM – AWAY