Santa is coming to Karns!


Elias Eagle

Santa makes his way down Gay Street in downtown Knoxville

Elias Eagle, Reporter

DECA is organizing the “Breakfast with Santa” event at Karns High School. It will be held early into December, but the exact date is to be determined. Many members of DECA are working to make sure this event goes smoothly. 

Breakfast with Santa is a family event executed by several clubs and groups around the school, all working together to make it fun for anyone who attends.

“We hope other people in the school will help out with this … Mr Nebb will take care of the pancakes … Mr Tinsley will get a group together to sing Christmas carols. One of our admin will be dressed as Santa. A lot of the clubs and organizations have been invited to do arts and crafts and activity tables.” said Cynthia Rhoden, organizer and leader of the Karns DECA chapter. It’s very community driven and community important, so all parts of Karns High School have been invited to help and attend the event.

The event is heavily student oriented, DECA members are taking leadership roles ensuring everything goes smoothly.

“We actually came up with this event last year for our DECA project, so we already basically planned this whole thing, and the event planning class is putting it together,” said Bethany Morris, Officer for the Karns DECA chapter.

A lot of planning goes into events like these, it’s no easy task. For these DECA officers, they’ve taken a lot of preparation to manage the activities that will occur in the event

“We had to plan the entire thing out, so we had to think of our budget, we had to think of the space, how many vendors we’re going to need, that kind of stuff. We worked with the [event planning class], our DECA students, and Mrs. Rhoden to plan stuff out” said Bella Porner, another Officer for the Karns DECA chapter. 

On top of all this, to get the vendors to come to the event, each of them have to be individually emailed in order to get them to sell at the event. Even if the event is just one day, a lot of time goes into making sure it prospers within the Karns Community.

Both Porner and Morris are long time DECA members dedicated to the organization and creating a community within Karns. 

“It holds a place in our heart because we came up with the idea, we’re also DECA officers, so even if we didn’t come up with the idea, we’d still be helping,” said Bethany Morris. It’s an event very special to them, and they will spare no expense in making sure it thrives within the community.