The Brain Drain – KHS’s toughest classes offer challenges and rewards for those willing to put in the effort


Elizabeth Suranofsky

KHS offers challenging courses such as AP Language and Composition

Elizabeth Suranofsky, Reporter

At 3:30 when the school bell rings students race out of their last-period classes to go home, but school never really ends at 3:30. To fully understand the topics they are learning about, it requires hours of studying. 10 Students at Karns High School were asked what the hardest classes are at Karns High School, and here is what they had to say. 


According to Gabrielle Valentine, a Junior at Karns high school, the most challenging class she has ever taken at Karns High school is AP United States History.

 “The work itself isn’t hard, but the tests and essays are very difficult,” said Valentine. On an estimate, Valentine has spent over 10 hours doing homework over the span of a couple of weeks.


According to Savannah Cornelius, a Junior at Karns High School, the most difficult class they have ever taken at Karns High school is Biology sophomore year. 

“I struggled with balancing the workload on top of my other classes,” said Cornelius. On average she spent around an hour and a half to two hours studying for this class.


According to Violet Whitson, a junior at Karns High School, the most challenging class they have ever taken at Karns High school is Honors Chemistry. 

“The work itself isn’t hard but the tests are extreme and take a lot of studying, which is hard because I work so much,” said Whitson. On average she spends 2 hours studying for the test and doing homework. 


            While there are a handful of classes that a lot of people dislike, everyone has different strengths and weaknesses, which can make certain classes harder or easier for them. Not every class has the same type of workload or amount of effort you have to put into them to do well.  Whether it’s a core class or an elective, there will always be different types of work that make those classes hard or easy.