Review: Netflix has a hit on its hands with Wednesday


Rachel Monday

Reecey Grubbs watches Wednesday

Penelope Tenorio, Reporter

Wednesday, the Netflix series directed by Tim Burton, is interesting and unpredictable. Overall the plot, director, music and script was impeccable. It doesn’t go too far off of the Addams Family plot line and still includes all of the characters.
The connections are really great ,and all of the scenes slowly lead you to believe someone is the killer when in reality it is entirely different. The storyline is thrilling; the twists and turns make the story exciting. Even the small details make this show so well. It has a modern twist on a very nostalgic show. The show brings a perfect mix of dark comedy/ drama and effortlessly depicts a modern character of Wednesday, without “cringe,” or too much emphasis.
The main focus is the supernatural killings that are happening in a small town named Jericho. Wednesday has to deal with drawing psychic abilities and the strange visions that go with them. She and her roommate Enid, a werewolf, Xavier, and Tyler, a “normal boy” help figure out the town mystery.
Jenna Ortega is absolutely perfect in this role. Ortega is the best Wednesday yet. She hits all of the right notes in her delivery of Wednesday. She carries the entire series as masterfully as any other veteran actress. We get to see the side of Wednesday we never get to see in movies, and in a story where she is grown, going to high school. The broad vocabulary that is used by Wednesday fit her character very well but is a bit too much to really understand what she is trying to say. The way Thing is portrayed is creative and fulfilling to watch. Having Christina Ricci, who played Wednesday in the 1990’s movies, as part of the school staff is also really cool.
The weak spot for me is the casting of Luis Guzman as Gomez. He works really well in comedic and dramatic roles but in Wednesday he seems like such a miscast. Him and Catherine Zeta Jones, Morticia, don’t make a believable couple. The chemistry between them just is not there.
Although the show comes off as dark and gloomy, it’s much deeper than that, and it keeps you interested to say the least. The twists and turns in this show are executed smoothly, almost to perfection. You won’t be disappointed if you give it a watch.