Karns Band parades downtown for Christmas


Diego Matias-Arroyo

The Karns Band marches down Gay Street during the Knoxville Christmas Parade

Diego Matias Arroyo, Reporter

Karns Band has been a part of the downtown Knoxville Parade for many years. The band members love being in this parade and many people in Knoxville love seeing the marching band perform. 

The downtown parade is favored more among most of the members of the Karns Band. Senior Eli Hicks says “It’s cool to walk downtown at night and see the lights”.

Junior Nathan Kit says “It’s cool seeing downtown from the street”.

Senior Ethan Crandall had a great time at his last parade. Ethan says “I love the parades… I’m gonna miss them. The parade was the last time I wore my band uniform so [the parades] hold a special place.”

Many students of Karns High also went to see the parade downtown. 

Senior Tyson Taylor attended the parade and described the parade as “pretty good” and a “nice parade”.

Senior Beckett Reed says “It was nice to see the talent we have around here. I had to go support my band friends”.

This tradition will hopefully continue for more years to come because people have been supporting the Karns Band for a long time.