The Holidays Aren’t Far Away, Here’s What Karns is Up to This Holiday Season


Courtesy of Karns Fair

Community members march down Oak Ridge Highway during a past Karns Christmas Parade

Breanne Wessel, Reporter

The holiday season is in full swing in Karns, and there are many events and activities going on to celebrate. A few of these events include The Karns Community Parade, Breakfast with Santa, and the Angel Tree.

The Karns parade is an annual event where many businesses, groups, sports teams, and other school sanctioned clubs all come together in procession and hand out lots of goodies like candy, flyers, coupons, and lots more. 

Sophomore, Anthony Sedas said, “… My family always goes to the parade and we always sit in the same spot, it’s kinda a tradition.” There are lots of families who make a tradition out of the parade, it is a lot of fun for anyone who goes.

Each year, Karns High School hosts Breakfast with Santa, which is an event where families can come to the high school and they can enjoy a pancake breakfast, kids can meet Santa, and there will be tables set up for vendors, school clubs, sports teams, and more. Junior, Gracie Moore says, “I always bring my little cousins, they usually have a lot of fun.” Breakfast With Santa is great for all ages, kids usually enjoy the craft stations and meeting Santa, while adults can enjoy the different vendors, and the whole family can enjoy the pancake breakfast.

Karns High school also makes an Angel Tree every year, which people and businesses in the community can donate. With the donations, gifts are bought for children from families who can not afford to get gifts. This event really helps out many families in the community and is a great way to give back. Sophomore, Taylor McNew, says, “Every year my family tries to donate to the [Angle Tree] program because we want to help out the people who aren’t as fortunate.” The Angle Tree is a great way to give back to the community during the holidays.

The Karns community has a handful of holiday festivities, including the Angel Tree, Breakfast With Santa, and The Karns Community Parade. All of these events bring the community together and are all great opportunities to celebrate the winter holiday season.