A fond farewell from The Karns Chronicle staff


Rachel Monday

The 2022 Karns Chronicle Staff will miss writing for you all.

On our last day together as a staff, The Karns Chronicle would like to share some of our favorite memories from this experience.

Emily Moore – Managing Editor:

When Mrs. Monday offered me the position of editor, there was no hesitation in my response: of course I would edit the paper. I had my doubts over the summer; I was worried that I would end up with an apathetic staff, that the paper would suffer in quality, but I was mistaken. Every reporter on this staff is worth their salt. Each one of them is a unique, kind, caring, and honest individual. While you can attempt to measure the quality of a newspaper staff by the quantity or quality of the articles they produce, I think it more fitting to measure this staff with how many days I came into class and laughed until my face hurt, every time someone would tell an interesting story or help resolve someone else’s problem, or the number of mornings I woke up and smiled, thinking to myself, “I get to see the staff today.” On that scale, this staff exceeds the infinite.

Our readers don’t see it: behind every profile, every sports report, every breaking story, every editorial, is a living, breathing, feeling reporter. That reporter spends their semester seeking truth, reporting the facts, abiding by the code of ethics and working hard to get their articles published by the deadline. In every set of articles that we publish for you every two weeks, there are two weeks worth of mirth, sentiment, and labor. Having a newspaper at all is a blessing in itself; having a newspaper with a staff that not only shows up but does their job and does it well with smiles and laughter is a complete godsend.

When I graduate, I will miss every person on this staff more than they will ever know. They have made my job as editor all the more enjoyable, and proved to me that what I do does matter, that my goal of writing and editing professionally is not in vain. In five short months, I have gained eight friends and renewed hope for my future. So, the next time you visit our website or listen to the podcast, read the reporter’s profile. Remember that behind our articles are a group of persevering individuals. Thank you, Elias, Brianne, Aisha, Carter, Kyleigh, Elizabeth, Diego, and Penelope. It has been a pleasure working with you. 

Carter Dubov:

At the beginning of the school year, I walked into Journalism thinking it would just be an easy class where I could do nothing and get an A, even forgetting I had the class until the first day of the semester. As it turned out though, it would become so much more, making great friends in the coming months. Alongside this, it turned out to be much harder than I thought. Despite this, the entire class made it worth it. Whether it be Elias’s strange, surprisingly well thought out speeches, or Aisha’s stories about her interesting experiences outside of school, Journalism was full of fun moments! There aren’t enough words in the dictionary to express how much I am going to miss this class. I love each and every person I have met in this class, and cannot wait to finish the semester with them!

Elias Eagle:

Sometimes, a special individual or a group comes into your life, suddenly or subtly, they make their way into your routine and change your everyday life into something so much more than it was before. They come in all shapes and sizes, personalities and humor, but what they have in common is they leave an impact on you everyday. Sometimes, this person leaves you, abruptly or overtime, in one way or another, life carries on without them. It’s sad, especially when you don’t have control over it, it just happens. I don’t think it’s sad though, I view it more like a book or an episodic TV show. Every person has a story to tell, and that story can be broken up into chapters of their being, and the characters that make up these chapters change and warp as the story goes on. While the people may be gone, the impact that it left on the main character is incredibly real. Journalism was a part of a chapter in my life, and now that it’s almost over, I can help but feel a little empty. I’m not leaving empty handed though, this class shaped me as an individual and gave me memories that will last a lifetime. I’ve learned so much about so many people, learning about their experiences and troubles, understanding them on a deeper and fundamental level that I would’ve never expected. This class was everything I didn’t expect, all thanks to the individuals that make up it. I’ll miss this third period class, thank you Bree, Carter, Izzy, Aisha, Penelope, Diego, Emily, Kylie,  and Mrs. Monday.

Aisha Earp:

In August of 2022, I never would have thought I would have been so emotionally attached to every last person in room 123 but now the thought of leaving them makes me nearly cry. I’ve gained not only friends, but a family. I’m going to miss coming into class and telling them my crazy stories. Mrs. Monday gave us an environment that we’ve felt beyond comfortable in (maybe a little too comfortable sometimes) and where we can be ourselves, even if it’s one period out of the day. I look forward to seeing the staff’s faces every morning because I truly love them. They care about me more than I care about myself. They love me more than I love myself. I wouldn’t trade them for nothing (including Carter). I want to thank Emily for being the best editor we could ever ask for. She’s the most intelligent young woman I’ve ever met and has the biggest heart ever. I truly look at Emily as a role model, as someone who I can laugh with knowing she knows how ridiculous I sound, someone I can tell anything to knowing she’ll always listen and not judge. She has the most amazing genuine smile that lights up the room and wears the COOLEST earrings ever. Even when she’s having a hard time she seems to make me smile and for that I want to thank her. 

I love you, the entire staff and Rachel Monday so much. Thank you guys for engaging in senseless acts with me and keeping all my deepest secrets sacred. I’m going to have a hard time coming to school from now on knowing I won’t get that one class to just let it out. Thank you for making me feel wanted, for seeing me as better. 

Diego Matias Arroyo:

My semester in journalism has been very enjoyable and a good learning experience. I’ve met a lot of people and learned a lot about myself throughout this semester. I went into this semester being very antisocial but through interviewing and talking to a lot of different people, I’ve gained a lot of knowledge on how to communicate better. All of the people in this class have been super nice to talk to and joke around with. I’m going to miss this class a lot but I’m happy I was able to be a part of Journalism.

Kyleigh Royster:

This year I learned a lot from this journalism class. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to see the process of a journalist, and actually be one for a small amount of time. In the beginning of the semester, I was feeling nervous and doubtful about the class. I did have some downs in the process, but overall I’m glad I joined, and had fun along the way. I think this was definitely one of my most memorable moments in high school. I wanted to do something before I graduate, and this class gave me memories I wouldn’t have made otherwise. I never thought I would be able to have a small class at school, with a fun community of people that just talk and have fun, while also creating memories. I’m sad to be leaving this class, and I will miss it, but I’ll be leaving with memories I will never forget. Thank you to everyone in the class for giving me a reason to come to school everyday. I hope next year’s class is just as good as this one, even though I won’t be here to enjoy it.

Elizabeth Suranofsky:

I took this class as an easy credit and fell in love with it. There aren’t enough articles in the world to express my gratitude for this class. There will come a time when everyone in this class must move on but the memories made here will never be forgotten. Like the time we all brought in things for Aisha’s birthday, or Elias’s rants about whatever his current obsession is, or playing Animal Restaurant in the back of the classroom with Diego. This class has been my biggest source of succor allowing me to express my feelings and rant about anything only to be met with support and advice. After this class, we won’t see each other as much as we are used to but we will all the memories we made and the laughs we shared. From the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank the entire class for making this class the best class I have ever had. I couldn’t be more excited to take this class again next year.

Penelope Tenorio:

I’m Penelope Tenorio, a sophomore in journalism at Karns High School. Coming to an end, I really enjoyed journalism.  I started in journalism not wanting to be in there and ended up loving it. I loved hearing Aisha Earp’s and Elias Eagle’s rants and everyone else’s stories. I enjoyed all of my classmates, they were all funny in their own way. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

Breanne Wessel:

Imagine the feeling you get when you’re about to get on the scariest rollercoaster in the amusement park.  That is how I felt before my first interview, my hands were shaking and I was freaking out. I was sure right then that I was dropping out of journalism class. I was ready to go to the counselor right then and there. Thankfully, I didn’t, I just went for it. I definitely embarrassed myself but once it was over I realized it wasn’t that bad. I have actually learned a lot through various interviews. Whether it was about the school, the teachers, or the community. Now at the end of the year, I’m beyond grateful to have been a part of the Karns Chronicle journalism staff. I have met a great group of people, who are all so unique and interesting. The class itself is a learning curve as you go on, but by the end it’s fantastic. I will definitely miss being on the journalism staff and I hope to do it again next year.