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Opinions Vary When It Comes to the Dress Code

Opinions Vary When It Comes to the Dress Code

Dress Code has been around for years and for as long as it’s been around so has the debate on whether or not it is necessary. Personally I’m not a fan of the dress code because I think we should be able to wear crop tops and I don’t think the big shoulder thing is really a problem. Blankets should be allowed if you can fit them in your backpack. I do understand not wanting them out all day. Stomachs and shoulders on females shouldn’t be considered a distraction. On guys I think that the tank tops they wear should be okay as long as they aren’t pushing it.


Jonathan Robinson is a math teacher here at Karns. Robinson thinks that most of the dress code is important but some of it could be changed.


 “Tank tops shouldn’t be allowed… Hats shouldn’t be allowed in the hall, but I think it should be okay to wear them in class where the teacher already knows and identifies you.” Said Robinson. 


Cristene Extine is also a teacher at Karns. Extine thinks dress code is important but it’s hard for administration to find every infraction in the school with so many students. 


“I think it’s a good thing but student styles do not go with the dress code… It is best to follow the dress code for a good learning environment.” Said Extine 


Administration has strong feelings on dress code as well. Admin Rachel Evans deals with dress code problems constantly. 


“I’m frustrated because it’s a rule. I don’t necessarily like policing it but it’s my responsibility as a principal.” Said Evans. 


Some students have very strong feelings about dress code and others “don’t care”. Getting opinions from different students was interesting because I’ve got to hear so many different sides and opinions from so many different people.


Senior Violet Whitson’s opinion differed from the teachers.


“I don’t really like the dress code because most of the time I’m not trying to break it and I still break it”. Said Whitson.


Dress code has been an ongoing debate for awhile. I believe that to put an end to the debate students and teachers should come together to find a common ground so both sides are happy. 

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Sierra Wilce
Sierra Wilce, Reporter
Sierra Wilce is a senior. She's in journalism and yearbook. She is often described by her friends as caring, joyful to be around, and energetic. She loves binge watching tv shows like Grey's Anatomy, Ginny and Georgia, and 13 Reasons Why. She spends most of her time working at Karns' very own Pizza Hoss.

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