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Is Working Really Working for Students?

Allie Newton works on a foldable in her Spanish class

Editor’s Note: The student newspaper of Karns High School is a public forum, with its student editorial board making all decisions concerning its contents. Opinions in the paper are not necessarily those of the staff, nor should any opinion expressed in a public forum be construed as the opinion or policy of the administration, unless so attributed.

Work and school can be a huge stressor, however, Karns High School students argue that it isn’t true. With the average school load working is actually doing them better than not working. Studies have shown that it boosts grades because it forces you to have more self-discipline and a better work ethic. Working anywhere from 13-20 hours a week helps maintain a delicate balance between work and school and boosts grades. 


Students even say that it helps get them out of the house and helps them to have better mental health. 


¨Working doesn’t have a mental toll if anything it grows my mental health, it gives me the opportunity to make friends, and gets me out of the house¨ said Violet Etzler. 


Not only does working while in school have mental health benefits it has benefits for your wallet. 


¨ My parents eventually got to a point where they said I needed to buy my own things and be making my own money¨ said Izaiah Crawford.


 When students are given the freedom to buy their own things and make their own money it gives a sense of freedom and helps them to not feel like they are a child. 

Working provides chances to set up a budget and figure out where all of your money is going and where it needs to go. Budgeting isn’t easy however it’s good to know where all your money is going, and most students do know that and aren’t spending frivolously.


¨ I don’t have an actual budget but I do know where all of my money is going¨ Said Allie Newton. 


Overall working is good for students; it gives students the opportunity to become functional members of society. The only time students said there was a mental toll was when they were not managing their time properly. Working helps build a better sense of what self-discipline really is and helps to not just sit at home and do less productive things. Working gives students a sense of having things of their own and helps give them things to work toward. 

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About the Contributor
Emma Hall, Reporter
Emma Hall is a junior here at Karns High School. This is her first year doing journalism and she is very excited about being a part of this year's staff. Her hobbies include reading, sleeping, and spending time with her little brother. She loves a good book that can teleport you into a new world. She is kind, a silly goose, very energetic, just a little cray-cray, exciting, and most would say she is actually hilarious. According to another person in Journalism, she is ¨literally the best person on the entire staff.¨

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