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Young Life Offers Many Opportunities for Fun and Fellowship

Courtesy YL
These Young Lifers are all smiles at camp

Young Life isn’t just a program. It begins with mentors and adults who care enough about kids to go to a different environment, make new friends, meet new people, and to learn how to communicate with one another. Here at Karns High School is the place to be just for that.


Young Life is an escape from reality and is a chance to let a kid just be a kid in a safe fun environment.


Young Life was originally created by Clara Frasher, an elderly woman who around 1933 recruited friends to help her pray for teenagers attending Gainesville High School and time by time others just kept adding to it and putting their own spin to it.


Young Life has been around quite a long time, but the mentors came up with ways to make it more fun for teenagers so they can also have fun and also learn. “I feel like this gives kids a safe space to be themselves,” Bailey Timmer says.


“The purpose of younglife is to introduce teenagers to Jesus Christ and help them grow in their faith…. but with that being said anyone of any religion is welcomed to come to younglife,” said Timmer.


The program and the environment is welcoming to everyone and they want anyone to feel comfortable to show up and to just have a great time.


“Karns High School Younglife is located @ 1951 Cascade Falls Ln, to anyone who is interested in showing up,” said Timmer.


Each school in Knoxville Tennessee has their own young life location just so it won’t become over populated but at times they do have a day where everyone from different schools will meet.


“Club involves music, games and a brief talk by the leaders. We attend a weekend camp, one during the fall and another during the summer. Just so everyone can have an opportunity to sign up but the entries are limited so make sure you sign up fast,” said Timmer.


With that being said, your Young Life leaders would be more than happy to chat with you more about Young Life and their activities.


“I think it’s a good club to join. It has taught me a lot about God and it gives me something to look forward to every Monday,” said senior Neviah Radar.


Young Life is educating teenagers and has them wanting to be productive in the community.


“It has impacted my life by experiencing clubs and having adventurous life changing and building experiences. Meeting new people and learning information that I did not know about in the bible. It has helped me grow my relationship with Jesus,” said Radar.


Club is having a great impact on teenagers and educating them on their religion.


“I would rate it a 9/10 because it’s so fun and very life changing. I would suggest going to younglife and the camps because you learn so much and do so many activities,” said Radar.


Young Life has a very good rating and barely has any negative feedback about it. As you can see it’s very eye opening to teens and teaches them about their inner selves and who they really are.


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Amairon Bowman
Amairon Bowman, Reporter
Amairon Bowman is a Junior at Karns Highschool and it is her first year in journalism. She runs track for the school and likes to read. She has been thinking about her next journey in life and how to achieve her goals.

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