Beavers Put on a Clinic in Win Against the Red Devils 56-31


Harrison Garrett

The Beavers on the bench look on as we go on to beat Halls.

Harrison Garrett

The Beavers came into Friday looking to end a 2 game losing streak. The Beavers beat Halls earlier this year 71-55. Karns was looking to bounce back after a tough loss against a ranked Oak Ridge team on the 23rd. The Beavers quickly grabbed the early lead thanks to a layup by Traven Jackson to make it 2-0 with 7:20 left in the First. The Red Devils came back with a quick three to make it 2-3 with 6:40 to go. After a foul by the Red Devils Trey Hawkins made a free throw tying it up 3-3 with 6:00 to go. On a turnover by Halls, Trey Harper splashed a three to make it 6-5 with 5:08 left in the first. After almost 4 minutes without another bucket on either side the Red Devils hit a three to make it 6-8 with 1:35 to go. Halls didn’t have the lead for long thanks to a three in the face of a Halls defender by Dalton Greer to make it 9-8 with 31.9 seconds to go. With only 21.1 seconds left Trey Hawkins made a layup to make it 11-8. At the end of the first quarter the Beavers were still ahead 11-8. Karns came out shooting in the second with a layup by Traven Jackson and then a three by Trey Hawkins to make it 16-10 with 6:07 to go.

Halls came back and tied up the game with two three-pointers to make it 16-16 with 3:42 to go. Halls took the lead with 1:55 left to go thanks to a quick layup making it 16-18. The Beavers answered back with a three courtesy of Trey Hawkins offensive skills making it 19-18. Traven got fouled by the Red Devils and two free throwas later the Beavers were on top 21-18 with 51.5 to go. At Halftime Karns was still on top of Halls with a score of 21-18. The Beavers started off the second half with a layup by Traven Jackson to make it 23-20 with 7:25 to go in the third quarter. On a turnover by Halls, Dalton made a and one and a free throw to make it 26-20 with 6:50 to go. The Beavers then started running with the lead thanks to two layups by Traven Jackson and Dalton Greer to make it 30-20 with 5:32 to go. Dalton continued the scoring party with a three and free throw to make it 34-20 with 3:33 to go in the third. The Red Devils were unable to keep up with the Beavers at this point thanks to Karns making shot after shot. After 2 layups by Trey Hawkins the Beavers were putting on a smoke show against the Red Devils making it 38-20 with 1:25. Dalton Greer silenced the Red Devils Crowd with a three to make it 41-20. After 7 minutes and 40 seconds unanswered the Beavers will still crushing the Red Devils 41-20. The Red Devils came out in the fourth quarter finally making a shot after almost 8 minutes without scoring putting up a two for a score of 41-23 with 7:50 to go in the fourth. The Beavers quickly answered the Devils with two layups by Traven Jackson and Trey Hawkins to make it 45-23 with 6:38 left to go in the fourth. The Red Devils were unable to get the ball moving thus far thanks to the stellar Beaver defense. Trey Harper then joined the splash party with a layup of his own to make it 47-23. The Beavers continued to put points up with a layup and free throw by Jaylen Roberts to make it 52-25 with 1:47 to go in the fourth. Raley Henson and Jaden Brown joined in on the scoring train with a pair of layups to make it 56-31. The Beavers finished this game off with a Landslide of a victory 56-31. The Beavers came out in this game with a lot of teamwork and great ball movement leading them to a huge victory. When asking Senior Dalton Greer what was his thoughts on the victory he said, “I thought we came out a lot stronger then we did the last two games and it really said something.”  When asking Senior Traven Jackson what were his thoughts on the game he said, “ I feel like we played really good team basketball and we had a good night.” In another post game interview with Coach Henson when asked what he thought about the game he said,    “first half took us a little while. You could tell we played two tough games this week but I think they regrouped at halftime and they came back and played pretty good.” The Beavers look to get another win on the road against Anderson County on the 28th.