Make the Blue Zoo Great Again

Alizabeth Hutchison, Reporter

The Blue Zoo has been the rowdy student section of Karns for years. This past football season they showed up loud and proud. Every game was a new theme and students of every grade showed up to our stadium or traveled to support our Beavers. From doing chants or the crowds favorite the “roller coaster” it was a rowdy fun environment for students and kept the players’ spirits up.

      Then came November, basketball season, and the Blue Zoo turned into more of a boo zoo. Lately very few games have had a theme and only a few students to support our teams. The student section consists of a few upperclassmen and the section leaders. The only game that has had the student section our players deserve is the game against, rival, Hardin Valley. 

      We asked one of our Lady Beaver basketball players how she feels and she stated “It’s nice to hit a shot and hear the roar of a student section and definitely makes you want to try harder.” She also stated “When other teams have student sections that are bashing us it’s hard to not have the same support on our side.” When our student section shows up and shows out then it will help our players perform. 

      As students we owe it to our peers to support them playing their sport. We can have fun while doing it and boosting the spirits of our teams. Stay updated on the upcoming games, grab some friends, and make the Blue Zoo great again.