KHS Leaves No Talent Untapped

Trinity Eddington and Storm McLaughlin

Into the realm of all things talented, KHS brings this year’s talent show auditions on a risk of not happening at all. Just by filling out a form of what you will need and what you will be doing, you could join in on the all-inclusive event. According to Seth Tinsley, a fine arts teacher at the high school, “This isn’t really about accepting or denying of anybody. This is a showcase event, so I don’t think we’ve ever had to deny anybody to get into the talent show.” The auditions can consist of various talents such as dancing, baton twirling, and so much more.

Part of the talent show is the purpose itself. Walking into this occasion fundraises students who enter into All State. “All State is a choir that everyone auditions in the fall, not everybody, but you audition for all east and all state and in every area of the state, they do these auditions for the choirs and they’re in all east, all middle, and all west. And then, the top scoring individuals from all of those areas get invited to come to All State,” Tinsley explains. In order to get the money for this operation, the performers as well as the audience being able to be involved in several ways brings out the help for the cause. 

Collette Jayden, a sophomore at KHS, was a singer/ songwriter in last year’s talent show, says in regards to the show, “It’s still a good experience performing in the talent show and you get to get over your fear of being on stage and performing in front of people, so it’s still really fun.” When asked if she’d recommend more people enter into the talent show, she explains, “Definitely because it’s good practice being on stage, and it’s super fun. The more people the better. Tinsley is always looking for more people to do the talent show, most years we fall a little short of people.”

For this year’s talent show, maybe even those in the future, the choral department could really use the opportunity to offer students the chance of going to All State. Even just by being part of the audience, you could help several lucky students have the good time of not only making it to All State, but of having the chance to feel confident enough to stand in front of you and your friends with a gift they chose to share. Randomly selected audience members can even take part in judging. The KHS Talent Show is full of ways to keep everyone included. Join in on the journeys of your fellow students and maybe even your own journey into this arena of the gifted.