Movie Review: Frozen 2 – A Breathtaking Sequel


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The poster art for Frozen II indicates that it is much more intense than the first one.

Austin Zettle, Senior Reporter

Summary: The beautiful conjurer of snow and ice, Queen Elsa, has become the queen of the peaceful kingdom of Arendelle.  She is enjoying a happy life with her sister, Princess Anna. However, a melodious voice that only Elsa can hear keeps her awake, inviting her to the enchanted forest that the sisters’ father told them about a long time ago. Now, unable to block out the call of the secret siren, Elsa along with Anna, Kristoff, Olaf, and Sven summon up the courage to follow the voice into the unknown.


Sales: $919.7 Million was set to gross $1 Billion


Rating:  IMDb rating 7.1/10

Rotten tomatoes: 77%/ Audience score was 92%


This movie was breathtaking. The overall cinematography was great and it showed how Anna and Elsa became even closer than in the first movie. The relationship built between these two siblings is heartwarming. The journey they take through the enchanted forest with their closest friends Olaf, Kristoff, and Sven really shows how friendships bond people together. Their showmanship throughout the movie was just really a wonderful thing. Elsa, for example, is shown a lot more throughout the second film than she was in the first. The conclusion to the film was really great; it exposed the truth of the whole storyline throughout both movies. The introduction of new characters was great and many of them played into the storyline perfectly.

However, I wish that they included more about the other characters and their storylines. The overall movie could have been a little more detailed. For example, Sven’s storyline – I would have liked to learn more about him. The first movie gives a brief picture of how he and Kristoff were taken in by the “love experts”, the Trolls. But in the 2nd movie his storyline wasn’t a factor at all. But overall the film was very impressive and enjoyable.

My Rating: 8/10