New Lunch Options at Karns?


Spencer Berry

The cafeteria at Karns High offers a wide array of options for various tastes.

What if we had fast food in our very own cafeteria? Hardin Valley Academy has put this in place now, but we started to wonder if it would be possible for our school as well.

 Because of this, we went to talk to find some answers. According to KHS food service manager Cindy Clide, the cafeteria used to serve Papa John’s pizza in the back lunchroom. However, it could not meet the health regulations for a school lunch, so they could not call it lunch on a menu. Although they only served pizza, breadsticks, and calzones, it was still a second option for students to enjoy.

In order to serve food in Knox County cafeterias, the food must be at least fifty one percent whole wheat. This could be a major issue for most fast food chains willing to put food in our cafeterias. First we would need a food chain to agree to sell food to the school. After that, the specific food that would be served here would either need to meet all of Knox County’s guidelines or it would have to be seperate from the actual lunch. If anything it would make things somewhat harder in the cafeteria, because of the separation of the two meal options. 

Overall, it is pretty unlikely that this could be an option, but it is a possibility. It would be difficult to get Knox County’s permission to do this, but if effort is put in it can be done.