Karns High School’s Majorettes Twirl Their Way to First Place


Karen Lee

The Karns High School Majorette team is all smiles with their trophy.

Trinity Eddington, Reporter

The majorettes team walked into the ESPN Sports Complex in Disney World ready to work and came back with the first place spot in the twirling championship. After being judged based on many skills such as “if you smile, your tricks, and if you catch or not,” the announcement was made. According to a member of the majorettes, Belle Whitson, finding out  the girls had won was “the best feeling in the world because we worked so hard to get there.” Whitson describes being a majorette as “a lot of hard work, but it’s so much fun.” 

Majorettes also perform at the halftime shows with the band as part of the football season, and join in during basketball games, band competitions, and their own competitions. One example being, “we just got back from Twirl Mania in Orlando not too long ago.”  Traveling takes place frequently as well as becoming closer with one another.

After all the exciting things majorettes participate in, from traveling to competing, these girls have built a bond outside of the competitions and performances. They have been to Christmas parties, dinners, and movies together. “They’re like sisters, and they call me ‘Mama Lee’,” Coach Karyn Lee states. Both the team and the coach consider each other as their “own little family.” Lee describes her bond with the girls as a “very daughter-mom relationship.” She explains, “We have such a good relationship with each other that I try to encourage them and motivate them to try even if they’re having a bad day…I get to see them everyday. I get to see them grow..We joke a lot with each other but in the end, I feel like we just respect each other and we appreciate the hard work and the work ethic they’re putting into it…Well they tell me that they’re thankful for me and everything..I love this group, they’re awesome.”

With an experienced coach, starting at the age of seven, being part of the majorette family let’s “you open up to new experiences that you’ll probably never get unless you did this sport.” From tough practices to gift exchanges in the mountains, KHS’s majorettes team give “their best skills” and “great teamwork” to the audience. Although many countries participated, including Australia, the girls truly took acts such as their LED batons and many other techniques, to spin their batons to the leading spot in this competition. Their winning trophy was well-deserved based on all their hard work. KHS wishes future college tryouts, featuring majorettes such as senior Lainee McPherson, the best of luck making into the next journey of being in a majorette line.