No More 3rd Period

Rumors have been circulating around Karns High School about the administration taking third period out of students’ schedules. This would make each of the other four classes during the day about ninety minutes. After talking to many students, the majority of them agree that they do not want third period to be taken away because it is difficult to be in one class for as long as students’ would have to be in a single class.

 However, it would give Karns High School students to get the most out of their remaining four classes, and have more time to get work done and learn more during their class period. This extra time could give students time to ask questions and get their work in on time; even though it would be difficult, as students stated, to stay in one class for longer than the class time that Karns High currently has. Some think that third period should be cut from students’ schedule because it is such a short class time, and students’ do not get very much educational time out of that part of the day; even if students have a core class as their third period it is thought that they do not learn as much in a third period full-year class as a longer semester long class. Students’ generally enjoy having a third period simply because it gives them a class that is slowed down and less fast paced than their other semester long classes and gives them a small break during the day.

Therefore, the opinions of people regarding cutting third period are conflicted. We do not know for sure if third period will be cut for sure, but everyone will be aware if third period is not around next year!

Note: KHS Administration has confirmed that there will be no 3rd period next year.