Some Students at Karns High School Still Deciding to Graduate Early


Jobe King

Two early grads take time out of their busy schedules to smile for the camera

Jobe King and James Kramer

Despite the strange schedule of this school year, that does not hold back the seniors at Karns High School for graduating early. The final year of high school leaves students with a decision of whether they want to graduate early or stay until the school year ends, assuming they have enough credits to graduate. The amount of people that choose to graduate early varies every year, and this year is no different with the spread of Covid-19.

It became evident while interviewing many seniors that the choice between early graduation and graduation in the spring is split fairly evenly. 

Delaysha Jones, a senior that is graduating early, explains her decision. “I’m graduating early so I can enjoy my time off before college, and just to work to have some extra money saved up for my college expenses after my Tennessee Promise, and just to have some money in my pocket.” says Jones. “Yes, I would [stay the extra semester in high school if given the chance] just so I could get my full high school experience but I’m not because when it’s time to go, it’s time to go.”

Another senior, Delaney Wheeler, explains her decision in graduating early. “I feel like I have already obtained all the knowledge that I need to, and so I can have next semester off to gain more money for possible further education after my Tennessee Promise.” explains Wheeler.

One common theme in the decision to graduate early is money. Many seniors want to graduate early in order to earn more money to pay for college expenses or anything they decide to pursue after high school.

Manasa Tutu, a senior that has chosen to stay for her last semester in high school explains her decision. “I just wanted more credits because colleges may look at my application seeing that I have more credits, and more opportunity.” says Tutu. “I wanted to see my friends more and spend more time with them because this is my last year, so why not spend time with the people that I knew from when I was in primary school.” She talks about college as well, saying, “I’m looking for community college right now because of the Tennessee Promise.”

Another senior, Zakira Cole explains why she is staying for her last semester in high school. “I didn’t know that we could graduate early, so I didn’t turn it [early graduation form] in. I have enough credits to, [graduate early] I just didn’t want to.” says Cole. She also says that while she has friends graduating early, she also has many that are not graduating early, so she is happy with her choice.

As in  previous years, some students have chosen to stay in school for their spring semester, while some chose to graduate early to pursue their goals after high school. Some student’s reasons for their choice are similar to others but all are unique in their own way.