Students Use Quarantine as Opportunity for Growth


Rachel Monday

A student practices their newly-gained drawing skills during a break between classes.

Fish Newsome

The world has been on pause for the past 7 months due to the widespread pandemic known as Covid-19. Students across all of Knox county and the country have been in quarantine for months, and only now have been able to return to school. Students have been at home during an extended break from school and most have had nothing to do. All this time at home raises the questions: How did the students pass the time, and what skills have they developed during quarantine? Through interviews with KHS students who have experienced this quarantine, it can be confirmed that they have been changed by this experience.

 Many of the students who were interviewed said that they didn’t do or learn anything throughout the entire quarantine; they only mentioned how upset they were about the break. Others were joyous saying how it gave them rest and a break from all stress in their lives. Being alone in quarantine for months can have an effect on young adults’ minds, and this led to people coming up with ways to pass the time – from binge watching shows that involve a zookeeper feeding someone’s husband to tigers, to learning how to paint. Many students admitted to starting to find out their artistic talents such as painting, sketching, and doodling. Some even began painting on their walls. Some tried out Advanced Arts while a few took up animating, and one began a series of pixel animations of a variety of pop culture characters and recreating specific scenes within the show they represent. One student improved his social skills during the pandemic by getting a job, making him feel he had a purpose. He also admitted that having money of his own helped with his self esteem and confidence. 

With everything beginning to open back up, including schools, not only students but everyone can finally move forward, and get back on the road to a better future.