Lady Soccer: Beavers dominate Cougars 9-0


Abigail Aiken

The Lady Beavers celebrate their most recent win.

Abigail Aiken

The Karns Lady Soccer Team showed no mercy when facing Campbell County Cougars. The district varsity game starting at 6:30pm ended 20 minutes early with a final score of nine – zero in favor of the Lady Beavers. The Lady Beavers displayed skill, teamwork and determination as they defeated the Lady Cougars through the Mercy Rule.


For sports fans, the Mercy Rule is standard vocabulary.  For those who are not as familiar, the Mercy Rule means “a game ends early because the winning team is up by nine points.” This does not mean one team is not competitive or talented enough; it usually means that it is just not their day. Of course, skill always plays a part in winning but in sports, every team can be defeated. Teamwork usually speaks for itself and talent helps bring the win. The Lady Beavers had both in their favor this night. The Lady Cougars began to lose sight as their frustration manifested itself in players not supporting each other as a team. 


Our own Emberly Loveland, aka “tender of the goal”, created a scenario that resulted in a shutout. The nine goals were scored by Meggie Farmer, Hannah Stafford, Emma Brummit, and Ryan Branson. The goal that sealed the deal was scored by Senior, Ryan Branson from the 35 yard line of the field. Skill was essential, but working together made it possible for the victory lap. Again, game day is just that, game day. Anybody can take the win. This game, the Lady Cougars put up a good fight, but our Lady Beavers stayed persistent and kept their winning vibe!