Beavers Plan to Visit Various Vacation Spots Over Fall Break

Jobe King and James Kramer

As fall break approaches, there are many students and teachers that take a vacation to escape school and work for a week. Some people use this time to visit family while some go just to get away for a few days.

With the arrival of fall, the weather is cool and the leaves are changing, and it makes some places an excellent spot for a short getaway.

Kim Jenkins, a science teacher at KHS, talks about where and why she is going on vacation this year. “We’re just going to take a day trip to North Carolina to look at the leaves.” says Jenkins. 

An economics teacher, Cassandra Dean, talks about where she will go for fall break. “I’m going to Chattanooga. I’m leaving Sunday, and I will be back on Wednesday. I’m going just to get away.” says Dean. “I have no plans, I’m probably just going to stay in the hotel.” Fall break is a time for relaxation and easing the mind while taking a break from the duties of everyday life.

Another popular motivation for going on vacation is spending time with family. Delaysha Jones, a student, talks about her plans for vacation with family. “For fall break, my mother has a little something up her sleeve for me, my niece and nephew, and my brother and sister. We are going to be taking a road trip down to the beach.” says Jones. “We are going to be doing our fall break together since we got some additions to the family.” For her family, fall break is a way to bond with these new additions to the family while escaping Karns for a little while. She talks about the beach she will be going to, saying, “We are going to the same one as usual, Myrtle Beach.” says Jones. “I think we should go somewhere else, you know, maybe like Panama City.” 

Another student, Kamryn Rogers, is also going on vacation to the beach with her family. “I’m going to Surfside, South Carolina, to my family’s beach house.” says Rogers. “We will be staying there for seven days, the whole entire week.”

As fall break is getting closer, many people are preparing to go on vacation. Although people are going to different places, the two common reasons for taking a trip  are either to get away for a few days and enjoy the outdoors or to spend time with family.