Students Face Uncertainty Around This Year’s Fall Break


Olivia Crowe

Masks have become a regular part of KHS, and they will likely accompany students on fall break as well.

Olivia Crowe and Megan Cooper

Fall break is just around the corner and while this should be an exciting time for everyone, it’s caused some concerns. It is a well known fact that traveling helps the spread of Covid-19, and parents and students of Karns High have expressed their worries.

¨I think my biggest concern going back to school after break is the school is probably in greater risk now for a spike in Covid cases.¨ says Tina Beckett, mother of a KHS junior. Mrs. Beckett goes on to say, ¨If we decide to make a short day trip we will continue to wear our masks in public settings and practice hand washing and/or using hand sanitizer as needed.¨ One of the most asked questions is this: will people continue to follow these rules during and after fall break?

¨I don’t believe that people will abide by the mask mandate because they are not having someone on a daily basis tell them that they need to wear one. And when they are together in large groups they probably will not wear masks around each other.¨ says Jobe King, KHS senior. 

Many people have said that they will continue to follow these rules and hold themselves and others accountable. As well as this, they expect the school system to take extra initiative in keeping everyone safe after fall break. 

¨ I think the staff and administration need to be stricter and if they see more cases come up they need to be quicker in putting people in quarantine.¨, says Lilliann Gaschepayne, a KHS junior, ¨And if that doesn’t help then they need to talk about possibly going on red.¨ The potential transition into all virtual learning has been debated over the course of this year and continues to be questioned.

¨I think we will all stay in school and if one school has too many teachers getting sick, then we’ll all go on red.” says Coach Childress. “It’ll probably happen where some schools go online while others don’t. They’ll have some here and there. What I think will really happen is we won’t go back to school after winter break and just go on red then.¨ 

¨I think we all need a break from this so fall break will be very good for everyone. I just hope everyone stays safe and healthy!¨ Sydney Palmer says. With all the stress that has been put on everyone for the last couple of months, a break is well deserved.