New Opportunities are Available for Student Artists


Briquel Cano

Ms. Kingsbury, the Art Club sponsor, poses in the art room.

Briquel Cano and Jeremy Long

  For the past few years at Karns High School we have only had 2 art programs; Art 1 and Advanced Art. Karns had an art club, but very little was done in the club. After the arrival of our new art teachers, new art classes have been added and student artists have more opportunities to learn and get their art out into the community. 


     Before last year, we only had one art teacher and a few art programs, but now there are 2 art teachers, Mr. Gentry and Mrs. Kingsbury. We also have new art programs like Advanced Art Drawing, a new art club, and the possibility of 3D art next year. Mr. Gentry runs Advanced Art General and Advanced Art Drawing. He wanted to add advanced drawing because a lot of students are more interested in and comfortable with drawing than painting or working with clay. Mr. Gentry states, “Our goal for the art program at Karns is to provide a wide variety of choices for different kinds of art.”


     Our second new art teacher is Mrs. Kingsbury. She runs Art 1, and intends on running 3D art next year. She sees herself as more of an arts and crafts kind of artist. She also says that she enjoys blowing kids’ minds by showing them that they can enjoy art. She intends to help students and artists find an art style that they enjoy. Mrs. Kingbury says, “Art is about choice, so art is for everyone,” and also quotes, “Art is a creative community.” 


     Mr. Gentry and Mrs. Kingsbury both supervise the Karns art club, but the club is run by the students in the club. The current president is Lauran Thomas, the secretary is Alyssa Leclair, and the treasurer is Mariam Laten. The students have club meetings every Wednesday from 3:30 to 4:30. The club will be participating in events, and coming up with ways to get their art more exposure.